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LASER or (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) helps in simplifying dental treatment with more convenience and precision. It is an excellent adjuvant method to treat dental issues with perfection.

Laser based therapy is a medical treatment that uses a strong beam of light to cut, burn, or destroy tissue. It has been one of the most innovative discoveries in medicine. Its introduction into clinical practice was a major breakthrough leading to painless and bloodless surgeries with minimal patient discomfort, which was otherwise impossible by conventional surgical methods.

Compared to non-laser treatment, Dental laser treatments are more accurate and treatment is usually completed in fewer sessions. As a clinic-based out of Hyderabad, we make sure that the treatment we provide with Lasers is accurate and best for all our patients. Our process is always patient-centric.

There are many other advantages of Laser treatments in the dental field :

With laser dentistry, the need for sutures has been decreased potentially.

Dental lasers promote blood clotting and as a result, bleeding is minimized

With the assistance of dental lasers in some dental treatments, anaesthesia is not necessary.

As the dental lasers sterilize the area within, the chances for bacterial infections are minimal.

With laser dentistry, wounds can heal faster and it stimulates tissue for regeneration.

In laser dentistry, the probability of damage to surrounding tissues is very low.

At THE BEST SMILES, Laser is used to treat various dental conditions :

Treating hypersensitivity

Treating gum diseases

Treating dental decay

Laser teeth whitening

Laser Root Canal treatment

Laser-assisted flap surgery

Laser depigmentation

Removing benign tumours